research report:
The 2013 Market Value of CHRP Certification

The 2013 Market Value of CHRP Certification

What is a CHRP Certification Worth in 2013?

Do you have a CHRP? Are you considering getting one? PayScale and HRPA teamed up to find out the real value of a CHRP in 2013. In this research report, you'll learn:

  • If the CHRP fuels job promotions for HR professionals
  • Pay differences by HR position
  • How the CHRP compares to the PHR in the United States
  • How pay compares by company size, industry and metropolitan area


"The demand for the CHRP designation from employers is clear and PayScale's latest study only underscores how this translates into higher earnings and more promotions."

- Bill Greenhalgh, CEO of HRPA