Companies that Love PayScale Team

Simplified Process and Time Saved

Simple Setup & Maintenance

  • Configurable setup and controlled visibility for managers
  • Secure data and information sharing
  • Customized rules based on your strategy

Increase Cycle Made Easy

  • “Same page” view for managers & HR
  • Allocate and reallocate budgets as needed
  • See manager progress with status bar
  • Automated email reminders

Manager Approved

  • Full view of team pay and allocated increase budget
  • Chat functionality for easy collaboration
  • HR guidance on communicating pay with employees

See how we use PayScale Team to complete our increase cycle

“I used to spend countless hours trying to make sense of compensation data in spreadsheets. The process is so much easier. As a result, I allocated pay raises in a fraction of the time and felt much more confident explaining my rationale for a raise to each member of the team.”

Paul Shortell

SVP, Professional Services and Consulting at Data Intensity

"PayScale Team has dramatically improved our process for awarding compensation increases across the company because managers get immediate insight, not just raw data, and no longer need to ask HR to provide answers or additional compensation details multiple times."

Jeracah Lawless

HR Director at HPM Building Supply