Stump the Comp Pro

We hear all the time that HR professionals are fearful of compensation. Many claim  that “it’s not their area of expertise.” We think any HR professional can be comp savvy with a little education and the right tools. Plus, having a compensation expert at your disposal is always a good thing too.

In this rare opportunity you have a chance to ask our certified compensation experts anything you want. This webinar will center around questions from you and your fellow attendees. Any question that is comp related is fair game, and we’ll do our best to answer as many questions as we can.  Let’s see what you can come up with – no question is too big or too small.

In this webinar you’ll:

  • Get to ask questions from PayScale’s certified compensation experts.
  • Learn from the questions your fellow attendees ask.
  • Receive a pre-webinar survey to ask your compensation questions.

Download the presentation slides here.

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