2013 was a year of ups, downs, and shutdowns. The impact of the Affordable Care Act on HR is still unclear. Some companies are pulling free of the recession and employees have started moving around more than in the past couple of years.

Even with all the uncertainty there are some key lessons we can learn. In an uncertain time compensation plans and strategies need to be flexible.

In this webinar Mykkah Herner, Manager of Professional Services at Payscale, will talk about the top 5 ways you can add flexibility into your programs.

  • Be creative with your compensation plan

  • Know your comp philosophy and strategy

  • Know how you’re doing relative to the market at all times

  • Have multiple strategies when reacting to market changes

  • Train for success

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WEBINAR: Top 5 Compensation Lessons of 2013

Thursday, January 30, 10am Pacific

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